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宏利北京赛车网址平台:A number of public offering announcements adjust the valuation of suspension shares

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内容摘要: With the listed company's annual report and the quarterly report released this year, a number of publicly-funded funds began to intensively...

With the listed company's annual report and the quarterly report released this year, a number of publicly-funded funds began to intensively conduct valuation adjustments on the suspension shares held by some of their funds, and many listed companies with “caps wearing hats” or performance changes face. The stock was substantially lowered by the public offering fund.


According to the Securities Times, Tianhong Fund announced today that according to the "China Securities Regulatory Commission on the valuation of securities investment fund valuation business guidance" and other relevant regulations, since May 7, 2018, on their funds The suspension stock held by the stock *ST Tianye was valued at 4.52 yuan.


May 4, CCB also announced that the decision * ST Rodeo valuation adjustments since May 4 on the company's funds (except ETF fund) holdings, the valuation price 7.54 yuan. Similarly, Shen Wan Ling letter Fund 7.53 yuan valuation adjustments made for Germany and Austria * ST, Dacheng Fund on the " Xinwei Group " valuation adjustments to 10.64 yuan.


valuation adjustment programs from the announcement of view, Celestica Fund * ST Tianye down valuations as much as 54.85 percent, the equivalent of seven and a half daily limit. CCB Fund and SWS Valuation Fund lowered the valuation of *ST Deo by about 37%, which is equivalent to 4 half-half of the daily limit; Dacheng Fund lowered the valuation of Xinwei Group by 27.12%, which is equivalent to 3 low-limits.


From the fundamentals of these suspension shares, most of the suspension shares have undergone major changes in the fundamentals of the company during the suspension period. * ST Tianye has suspended trading on December 25 last year. Both the 2017 annual report and the first quarter report released this year have lost net profits. On May 2, the SFC filed investigations on the company's alleged violation of securities laws and regulations; May 3 On the day, the audited net profit results for the two most recent fiscal years were negative and the implementation of *ST.


*ST Deau suspended from December 5 last year, during which the chairman and financial officer were replaced; on May 2, the audited net profit results of the two most recent fiscal years were all negative and were also implemented.


The suspension of Xinwei Group was nearly a year and a half old. On December 26, 2016, Xinwei Group clarified the negative rumors of suspension of trading for one day. Since then, the suspension of trading was suspended due to undisclosed important events. Afterwards, the company continued to suspend trading due to major asset restructuring. In December last year, Xinwei Group was removed from the constituent stocks of Shanghai Stock Exchange 50. Last year's latest annual report and quarterly report this year saw total revenue and net profit fall year-on-year.





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