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北京赛车pk10手机网站:The "Moving" effect appeared at the beginning: three days of nearly 12 billion yuan continued to flow into A shares and let foreign capital copy bottom?

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内容摘要:Three-day nearly 12 billion yuan MSCI effect has caused large inflows of overseas funds into A shares.\u0026nbsp; MSCI took 226 A shares int...

Three-day nearly 12 billion yuan MSCI effect has caused large inflows of overseas funds into A shares.

\u0026nbsp; MSCI took 226 A shares into the emerging market index with a preliminary 2.5% inclusion factor and came into effect after closing on May 31st. After the overseas passive capital of the index was completed, the overseas funds through the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Exchange maintained a substantial net inflow of in the near future. Since the MSCI's inclusion of the A shares officially came into effect, North Korea's capital has accumulated net inflows of nearly 12 billion yuan in the past three trading days.

7_89456_8_65_473_97_89456_10_65_473_97 Three-day net purchase of nearly 12 billion yuan

Soon after the opening bell on the 5th, the turnover of the Shanghai Stock Exchange turnover surpassed buying, but this trend quickly reversed. With the increase in the trading activity of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, both buying and selling transactions continued to increase, and the buying power was much greater than the selling price. As of the close on the 5th, the total net capital inflows from North Korea reached 3.736 billion yuan. Among them, the Shanghai Stock Exchange channel has a net purchase of 1.142 billion yuan, and the deep stock channel has a net purchase of 2.594 billion yuan.

Prior to this, overseas passive funds that mainly tracked the MSCI Emerging Markets Index completed their positions on May 31st. Another analyst told reporters that active fund managers who follow the MSCI index will determine the operating rhythm based on market conditions, or lay out in advance, or wait and see. However, judging from the recent flow of funds , the A shares that have been continuously adjusted in the previous period are undoubtedly attractive for overseas funds.

After adjusting in late May, the Shanghai Composite Index hit 3041 on May 30th, hitting a new low of more than one year; Shenzhen Component Index was able to stay at the 10,000-point integer mark and once dropped to a low level of 10097.48 points. The recent rebound began on May 31. As of the close of June 5, the Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Component Index have rebounded by 2.4% and 2.77%, respectively.

With regard to the North Funds, a continuous net inflow of funds from Kitakami took place on the three trading days before the current month, and the cumulative net purchase amount reached 11.961 billion yuan. If the timeline is elongated, Northbound funds have been continuously flowing into the net for 20 trading days with a cumulative net inflow of nearly 59.2 billion yuan.

“Overseas funds have their own investment philosophy. They look at valuations, look at growth, and judge the attractiveness of stocks from fundamentals.” UBS China chief strategy analysts Gao Ting told reporters.

layout more than just consumer stocks

flow to specific funds from the point of view, after the MSCI inclusion of A shares, accumulation funds target north of still food and beverage, pharmaceutical biotechnology and other large consumer as the representative of leading shares based, And boosting the number of individual stocks hit a record high.

to yesterday, for example, the US group won north of funds bought a net 539 million yuan, Hengrui Medicine eligible net purchases of 140 million yuan, Moutai eligible net purchases of 235 million yuan, Baiyun Airport and Qingdao Haier Junhuo net purchases of more than 115 million yuan, Yanghe and Haitian flavor industry net purchase amount is 5,000 million.

these stocks, Hengrui Medicine, Haitian flavor industry, both in the Baiyun Airport yesterday after a record high. Excluding time shares sector, food and beverage and pharmaceutical and biotech industry stocks in the two cities yesterday's high innovation stocks accounted for more than 50%.

Meanwhile, apple industry chain-related stocks are also favored by north of funds. Han's Laser obtained through deep-share funds bought a net 350 million yuan, Luxshare net buying amounted to 130 million yuan.

the past three trading days, the Shanghai stock Moutai won through funds accumulated net purchases of 1.26 billion yuan, deep shares through funds bought a net US group won nearly 11 billion yuan, Hengrui Medicine, Conch Cement , Han's Laser, the cumulative net purchase amount Gree etc. were about 400 million yuan, the cumulative net purchase amount Wuliangye of more than 330 million yuan. (Shanghai Securities News)

Li Dazhao: Six reasons to support the market's strengths Unfortunately, at the end, they let foreign capitals copy away

\u0026nbsp; Great Britain Securities Chief Economist Li Dazhao said on June 6 that there are six reasons to support the market's strength.

first, three days msci effect can attract a substantial inflow of foreign capital to 12 billion A shares, the data is very encouraging, indicating that the June 1 event A shares are included in MSCI's starting point, not the end, in fact, the A shares on the MSCI inclusion Comparable to China's accession to the WTO is very significant, and will be more in-depth understanding;

Secondly, MSCI's inclusion of A shares will cause major changes in the proportion of institutional investors. For example, the proportion of foreign investment is now 1.3%, and it may expand rapidly to 10% in five to ten years, and may even expand to 20% in another decade, and it will be very concentrated in index stocks, and it will be of high quality. the formation of the value of listed companies found that this is a very long-term and stable source of funding;

third, ZTE obtain reconciliation again, ZTE communications company not to judge, but this incident be resolved through negotiations, indicating that trade friction with each other negotiated door is still open;

fourth, strong wear 30 day moving average from the Shanghai 50 and CSI 300 on point of view, a strong blue chips has also been confirmed;

fifth, recently issued large-cap stocks, the market will judge entered a stage of substantial increase endurance;

first A stock has formed a triple bottom structure. The first bottom is February 9, the second bottom is April 18, and the third bottom is May 30, forming a triple bottom structure. The triple bottom structure is a four-month span structure, is relatively long span, more confirmation number at the bottom. Therefore, the six reasons to help push the market out of the doldrums and get out of the woods. It is a pity that children have been handed over to foreign investors. It is hoped that children can be well-educated in foreign countries and do not know when they will recognize each other. ( Eastern wealth network)

layout MSCI private investment opportunities in high-quality corporate stocks concerned

\u0026 nbsp; June 1, A-share formally incorporated into the MSCI index. The reporter learned that a number of quantified private placements have launched MSCI-related index products, and private equity that is good at active stock selection actively seeks long-term value hidden in high-quality companies from the “MSCI Stock Pool”.

Quantifying Private Placement Layout MSCI Index Product

This reporter learned that some private equity funds actively launched MSCI-related index products. Shen Yi, the chairman of Shen Yi Investment, introduced that in the near future, he has developed a "big-wide multi-factor quantitative enhancement strategy index" in cooperation with index companies. Its constituent stocks have a high degree of overlap with MSCI and the CSI 300. He also revealed that soon will launch benchmarking Securities in the disk 500, and the small-cap index products, "the next year or two will be the prevailing market make investments in standard MSCI index trend, with the MSCI index in case there are similar properties Next, we hope to win the index through selected stocks.”

Ma Jun, general manager of Shuanglong Investment, disclosed that in the past two years, Shuanglong has reserved a number of strategies and product designs for the MSCI index, and relevant products are under preparation. The main products promoted by the MSCI Index are enhanced products. “The MSCI-related index lacks the hedge target, which limits the operation of hedge products. The lower volatility of the MSCI index is also beneficial to the index enhanced products,” Ma Jun said.

Lin Jiahua, Managing Director of Asset Management, said that MSCI-related index funds can be divided into passive management and active management. Passive and CSI 300 index will have a very high correlation, which can basically be considered as simply copying the index; The active type is biased towards selecting superior targets and obtaining excess returns that exceed the benchmark portfolio. "In terms of equity strategy, we can design some structured products linked to the MSCI index, which will facilitate the decentralization of risk portfolios; and for traditional Alpha or index enhanced strategy products, we will not stick to the CSI 300 or MSCI constituents. Because the style deviation is too serious, it is not the most ideal decentralized investment option.” Lin Jiahua told reporters that with the gradual increase in the degree of decentralization of the target portfolio, the Smart Beta strategy will become a more valuable development in the MSCI index fund. direction.

Wells Fargo Chase Sand Springs Assistant to the President believes that a number of agencies released MSCI Index Fund, is actually a kind of value funds are similar opportunities in China, these funds will be return on investment and economic growth in China was positively correlated, that is, through long-term the value of investments to benefit the performance of listed companies and industry growth.

private equity concern MSCI constituent

A share the core value of assets large

reporter learned that some good at private equity funds active stock selection is very concerned MSCI related investment opportunities. Guo waited on the grid wealth to analysts, be included in MSCI index of mostly blue chips, there are private that this will push the market risk appetite for blue-chip stocks to enhance the White Horse, coupled with the blue chips this year after a more attractive valuation adjustment there may be private layout in advance.

Yingyang Assets stated that the MSCI concept stock is a theme opportunity for the layout of the previous period, and non-financial, flexibility, and low position are our basic directions.

Rui Cheng Investment Fund Manager Fu Chengcheng told reporters that the inclusion of the A shares in the MSCI list provided a relatively good stock pool and was worthy of reference. “The long-term investment opportunities are in the high-quality enterprises in MSCI, and the process of these companies going into the internationalization brings more opportunities. At present, the domestic institutions still focus on theme funds, and we do not rule out that there will be an enhanced similar fund layout. However, at this stage, it is still necessary to make a clear study of the company.” Hu Weitao, chairman and chief investment officer of Wanlifuida, stated that the constituent stocks of A shares included in MSCI itself have a high degree of coincidence with self-selected stocks of value investment. "A lot of the stocks we have selected are included in the constituent stocks. These stocks should be regarded as the core assets of A shares, and they are very scarce. They are worthy of attention and reference. In addition to foreign capital, domestic insurance , social security, public offerings, private equity, etc. will become more and more. Many of these targets are allocated.” Sha Quan stated that the main investment strategy of Wells Fargo is to track, buy and hold undervalued listed companies in constituent stocks. "Of course, underestimation does not imply a net break or a simple low PE, but it is based on changes in the industry and the intrinsic innovation capabilities and efficiency of the company."

Zhicheng Haiwei, Chairman of the Board Cold State, said that MSCI is a The market hotspots, but investment decisions need to consider more comprehensive factors, hoping that favorable factors can continue to emerge frequently, in June, the bank , insurance, real estate 7_89456_181_and home appliances and other industries will have a better chance of performance.

Leng Guobang also believes that most of the investors are more willing to follow the related stocks of MSCI, because after all, the initial funding is limited and the guiding ability is limited. It is too early to discuss MSCI's investment opportunities. In the future, with the expansion of the overall scale and the increasing number of incorporation targets, it is believed that the sub-industry index will be enriched, and the corresponding MSCI industry fund will be available. The corresponding index futures and other derivatives will also develop. (China Daily Fund)

MSCI thematic funds

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